Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen on their wedding day—even the strictest planner and best clairvoyant can’t guarantee nothing will come up at the last minute. That’s why it’s always best to have a little emergency kit on hand…not because you want something to happen, but because you want to be prepared if it does. Here are the top items we recommend you stock in your kit!

  1. Tissues, tissues, tissues.

Your face starts to get a sweaty shine; you start to cry when you see your mom crying; somebody spills something on a table—the uses for tissues are basically infinite, so always keep a supply nearby in your emergency kit.

  1. Stain remover

Maybe you weren’t fast enough with the tissues and your cousin’s soft drink managed to catch the edge of your dress. Never fear; as long as you have a useful stain remover stick on hand in your emergency kit, no harm, no foul. You’ll be lovely in your perfect white dress and no one will be the wiser.

  1. Aspirin & band-aids

Even on the best morning of your life, headaches can happen. Maybe somebody twists an ankle, or smacks their knee, or stubs their toe. Having aspirin on hand cuts down on the pain and brings back the happy—as do bandages. Blisters won’t dare to bother you if you have band-aids on hand.

  1. Diaper needles & fashion tape

Accidents happen. Hemlines fall out. Maybe your flower girl snags her dress on something sharp. Diaper pins (available at any drugstore) hold that hem together perfectly, and fashion tape is perfect for fixing a ripped hem or reinforcing a bodice.

  1. Deodorant

Have you ever thought about how you want to smell on your wedding day? You definitely don’t want to smell sweaty—but weddings are stressful, and the rooms where you’re dressing can get warm when they’re filled to the brim with your loving but large wedding party. Deodorant swoops in to save the day! Be sure to apply your deodorant…and then you’ll have some on hand just in case your little sister forgot to put her own deodorant on.

  1. Bobby pins

Whether you’re having your hair done or doing your own, it’s always good to have some bobby pins on hand. You can catch up a loose bang or an errant curl without even worrying about it, place it back where it belongs, and be confident that it will stay where you put it.

  1. Antacid & allergy medication

You don’t want heartburn, nausea, or indigestion to ruin your day—and, especially if you’re outside or in a dustier church, you don’t want your allergies acting up either. When you walk down the aisle, the tears in your eyes should be from happiness, not from sneezing! Keeping some antacids and allergy medication (non-drowsy) near you will make sure that you’re prepared, whether you’re the one who needs it or it’s someone else in the party.

These are just our top seven; of course your emergency kit depends on your circumstances and your own wedding! Let us know what items you think will be essentials in your own emergency kit.