Hello to all you beautiful brides-to-be,

Carol Bond here, and welcome to what I hope will be a fabulous resource for those trying to navigate the amazing, but undoubtedly overwhelming, journey to the perfect wedding.

Sometimes we get lost in the bouquets, the table arrangements, the flowers, the venue, the food, and the dress and lose sight of what’s important. Love! Celebrating the togetherness and the love of two people. It truly is a special bond and that magic should never be spoiled by the stress of table linens.

Eliminating that stress is my job and I love to do it. Nothing proves that I’ve done my job more than a happy, carefree bride glowing on her wedding day.

As we’ve discussed, planning a wedding can be taxing. And even resources that are designed to help, like Pinterest and wedding blogs, can compound the problem by causing sensory overload. That is why I’ve taken the time to create and curate targeted Pinterest boards that address virtually any need you might have during the planning process. My Facebook page is also a useful resource as it is a place where I share and connect you to my favorite wedding and design ideas. My blog, too, is written with you in mind and serves as a helpful guide for brides-to-be in need of a little direction.

Please accept my formal invitation to follow my blog, my boards, and me as I continue to plan and design beautiful New Orleans weddings for brides across the country.

– Carol Bond